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Majoring in a subject at school often does not mean what you do in your career. Having a career in something does not mean you have to stick with it for good either. Then, when it comes to career choices, these are the real questions:

Do you know what your (real) options are?

Do you know where to start?

Do you know what hiring managers really think about you?

Prime Opt is here to answer all questions you have.



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What We Do

Internship Secure

Prime Opt partners with local companies so you can spend your OPT period in the company that you like after participating our job training.

Resume Building

Prime Opt helps you to build the resume that every employee loves to see.

Professional Networking

Prime Opt connects you with recuiters (recruiters) , hiring managers, and professionals in industries you want to join. The right people help you develop your career.

Interview Practice

Prime Opt help you not only to practice interviews, but also tell you what a good script should look like.

Personal Marketing

Prime Opt helps you build a professional image and tell you how you can market your skills. Remember, companies need your skills and a winning team too.

Tailor-Made Job Training

Prime Opt makes everyone a better job candidate by giving personalized training. We look at your needs, discuss what you want, and teach you skills you need.


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About Us

Who are we?

Prime Opt is a career coaching team that provides personalized training to every job seeker. Why? No two job applicants are the same. Unlike other coaches or companies, we transform a person into an attractive job candidate in the eyes of recruiters, managers, and employers. We do this by providing in-house training in practical jobs skills. All you have to do is to tell us your needs and follow our action plan tailor-made for you.

Why are we different?

Unlike other career coaches, we do not help clients find their interests. Instead, we provide each client with a tailor-made, actionable plan to follow in order to land on the job one desires. By working with our professional and trusted coaches, you will see positive results in your job search or your career advancement even if you are only working with our team for a short period of time. For your success, we give you more tools and soft skills unknown to the rest.
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Happy Customers


Shanghai, China

“Prime Opt is like an amazing home remodeling team, except that they perfectly remodel a resume, not a home.”


New York, USA

“I am a Ph.D candidate, and I found it very difficult to find a job outside academia. Michelle is a fantastic resource because she understands my difficulties and help me navigate through the waters of job hunting. She is also a counselor who truly knows how I feel. I found both professional help and emotional support in Prime Opt.”


San Francisco, USA

“I like Prime Opt’s job training very much! The team helped me land on my first job in the Bay Area!”


Seattle, USA

“Thank you Andy for helping me find a job in Seattle! His experience and advice has been extremely helpful. Amazon I am coming!”


Seattle, USA

“The career coaches are interview experts. Job interviews have become less stressful to me after Prime Opt's interview training.”


Hong Kong, China

“I never knew that personal branding is so important in job search, until I met advisors of Prime Opt. Now, I have recruiters reaching out to me almost every week!”